Eco Biotechnics appoints new Director

I am absolutely delighted to make this announcement and welcome Joe Gleeson on board as Director with Eco Biotechnics at this critical juncture of our business expansion. Joe will join the team on February 22nd an exciting time to be part of our business. This strengthens further our team in terms of commercial acumen and sales focus, adding an additional layer of expertise to our service provision as Eco Biotechnics sets our sites on a post pandemic world. The Eco Biotechnics adventure started over 18 months ago, like much of what we all expected back then, the world has become a very different place! Thankfully for Eco Biotechnics it is one where our services, products and solutions have also evolved and changed at a rapid pace , therefore the synergies of the effective past partnerships are re-established for a brighter future with the addition of Joe as a Director-Welcome buddy!


Joe is joining Eco Biotechnics Distributors with over 20 years’ industry experience, from Takeda, Roche, Mundipharma and Servier. This experience and commercial accomplishments include key account management, national managerial sales, marketing management and specialist lead roles within European teams. The skillset honed will be hugely advantageous to meet the next stage of Eco Biotechnics organic growth in 2021 and beyond.

As an organisation Eco Biotechnics values our world, our people and their individual contributions that create a cohesive team dynamic for growth to include Environmental, Social and Governance objectives. Eco Biotechnics founding principles are rooted in sustainable solutions that drive innovation. The high standards of safe, sustainable products and services are core to what we currently deliver. The exciting future is to deliver these with more value, as data driven solutions to workplaces to deliver their ESG objectives. Central to this is the Eco Biotechnics guiding principle, protecting patients consumers and the environment …always!

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