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As an organisation Eco Biotechnics values our world, our people and their individual contributions that create a cohesive team dynamic for growth to include Environmental, Social and Governance objectives. Eco Biotechnics founding principles are rooted in sustainable solutions that drive innovation. The high standards of safe, sustainable products and services are core to what we currently deliver. The exciting future is to deliver these with more value, as data driven solutions to workplaces to deliver their ESG objectives. 

From the beginning the founders at Eco Biotechnics prioritised innovation and collaboration both internally and with partner organisations such as Eco Mist Biotechnics and Microshare. Driven by a vision of the future where infectious pathogens are eliminated by effective prevention measures, where antibiotic use is reserved for where it is needed and prescribed effectively. Therefore our priority is to be clear and consistent in communicating we produce the most effective biocidal and virucidal products and devices and bio-decontamination and pathogen prevention solutions. In our partnership with Microshare in data driven solutions for facility management, providing Smart Building data fed by Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, offer a significant opportunity to mitigate costs and risks. These solutions ensure not only safe workplaces now in the face of what is our collective greatest health challenge as a planet. With Eco Biotechnics our greatest opportunity is to ensure a future environment will be clean and free from man-made contamination, that is driven by real-time data outcomes.

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